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Brake Kits

Lightweight Brake performance optimization

"brake later – be fast longer" - An often quoted sentence, that contains a lot of truth. With increased driving-dynamics, the demands on the braking system also increase. Our offered components contribute to safely slowdown of this increased dynamics. A high-performance brake system offers not only the optical attraction but also the highest degree of safety and reliability, in order to quickly and effective reduce the previously established speed.

Matched, optimally dimensioned dimensions of brake discs as well as friction surfaces of the pads increase the braking force, reduce the thermal load and reduce the fading many times. At the same time, the performance during wet braking as well as the coefficient of friction of the brake linings in the braking start phase are improved.

Even without a complete brake system, significant improvements in the standard braking performance can be achieved. Not everything that is installed on the standard vehicle is generally "bad" - rather, only minor optimizations are required to significantly increase the braking performance, durability and response characteristics.

We offer various brake pads in variable mixtures - optimized for every application.

Due to the installation of our high-performance steel flex lines as well as a brake fluid with a higher boiling point, even on racetrack there are no problems concerning durability of the brake as well as its performance.

Just ask us - we will give you the best recommendation for your application.

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