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Performance Upgrade

Lightweight Performance Upgrades

The aim of our performance upgrades is not just increasing the performance and torque values, but a comprehensive optimization and improvement of the whole vehicle performance which you can enjoy.
In the end, the driveability and the harmony in the interaction of many parts decides.

The precise coordination of our performance enhancements is more important than the quest for maximum performance.

Our performance enhancements are TÜV-tested and equipped with a parts-certificate for the entry into the car documents.

Furthermore, our customers have the possibility to secure the additional service via an additional guarantee offered by us in case of damage - in order to avoid any additional costs.

We offer several possibilities of performance upgrade:

Performance upgrade including turbocharger upgrade and modified engine software
In order to achieve maximum performance, we convert the serial turbochargers of your vehicle with modified compressor wheels and precisely match the vehicle to the changed hardware components at the performance test stand.

Performance upgrade by optimizing the engine software
The so-called ECU is carried out directly in your engine control unit. Various parameters are optimized and an improved performance is achieved. As a rule, we can also offer a cancellation of the V-Max limitation.

Performance upgrade by Additional control module
By blocking our performance enhancement modules, the engine control unit generates changed performance-relevant data. This results in a significant power / torque increase. Our additional modules can be reset any time.

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